About Our Goose Hunts

If you want Hardcore, In your Face, Feet out, Wings Cupped and Locked goose hunting action, then you've come to the right place. Geese are our specialty! You'll quickly find that geese are our obsession here at Fish and Feathers. With well over 20,000 acres of leased and available land to hunt in western New York and the Finger Lakes region, chances of success are excellent. In fact, they are Guaranteed with our No Birds - No Pay policy!

Goose hunts are pretty standard; we hunt our of layout blinds (provided by the outfitter). Set up usually consists of 10-15 dozen full body goose decoys with some shells in the mix for filler. Hunts will last as long as their are birds to shoot; on a slow day, we will stay out as long as it takes (even if it means us providing lunch!). Fish and Feathers will also process all birds shot (so your wife won't throw a fit for picking birds in her kitchen).

Due to our location, several goose hunts also turn into some amazing duck hunts as well. This is just one of those added bonuses of our hunting area. Some days, we've filled limits of ducks before the first flight of geese!

What to Bring

Shotgun - 20, 12 or 10 gauge with size 2 shot
All shot must be non-toxic
Waders or Hip Boots (dependent on situation)
Warm Clothes - Camouflage preferred
Coffee; if not for you, for the guide!
Valid NYS Small Game Hunting License & Federal Waterfowl Stamp

Season Dates and Regulations

Most hunting takes place in Western NY and will follow the Western New York season dates and guidelines per below link.

Your guide will discuss hunting areas with you upon booking to ensure proper booking dates fall within open seasons.

Link to DEC Season Dates and Regulations.